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Cerebral Rot- Excretion of Mortality (Album Review)

Musicians: Cerebral Rot
Album Title: Excretion of Mortality
Genre/ Subgenre: Death Metal
Label: 20 Buck Spin
Release Date: June 25, 2021

Seattle death metal act Cerebral Rot are back with their second LP, Excretion of Mortality. And, from the very start it is a nasty and decay filled musical attack. 

Like their debut album, Odious Descent into Decay, this record is incredibly heavy and is full of putridness. The production feels grimy and crushing. The gruesome sound and lyrics make the album drag you into the most disgusting and vile of bowels.

Chainsaw guitars riff away in the opening of the title track, which sets up the tone perfectly. It has a suffocating and heavy sound that is accompanied perfectly by the inhuman and guttural vocals of signer/ guitarist Ian Schwab. Mostly a slow and almost doomy track, it speeds up every so often, including an almost Slayer like lead break. It is followed by the slicing and dicing sounds of "Vile Yolk of Contagion", my favorite track on the record. After its fast opening, it drags you down in the gutters of hell, itself, with its air of all consuming rot. The blistering "Spewing Purulence" sounds vile and reeks of decay, as well as having unrelenting moments of face smashing brutality. The album's most daring and complex track, "Crowning the Disgustulent (Breed of Repugnance)" is saved for the closer. The song starts out with an atmospheric intro in which you can feel the bile and heaviness simmering, until it explodes with its furious drumming and pulverizing riffs. It gathers more and more speed and driving brutality, throwing in blast beats and more Slayer-like leads. For the most part, it looks to be an instrumental, then around the six minute mark the vocals kick in. We get some sick and merciless breakdowns that slow it down further making it sound that much sicker! At a killer eleven plus minutes it is an epic song that shows the band heading into more progressive, but still disgusting sounds.

Excretion of Mortality from Cerebral Rot is the year's most repulsive release, and I mean that in the best way possible. Heavy and grotesque sounding, it successfully mixes crushing doom with the grossest of death metal. While, I definitely enjoyed their first release, this is an even better release and excites me for the nightmares they will be spewing forward in the future.