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Sodom- Genesis XIX (Album Review)

Musicians: Sodom
Album Title: Genesis XIX
Genre/ Subgenre: Thrash Metal
Label: Entertainment One (eOne)- USA, Steamhammer/ SPV- Europe
Release Date: November 27, 2020

German thrash metal legends Sodom are back with a brand new album Genesis XIX. And, it is a complete and utter ripper! Musicianship is top notch, of course, with soaring leads and killer riffs from the double guitar team of Frank Blackfire and Yorck Segatz. While, the pounding and fast drumming of Toni Merkel is an excellent example of pure thrash metal joy. 

The result is that from the very beginning to the end, every single song on here is fucking killer no filler. As a matter of fact, its not even that every song is simply or good or even very good, as every fucking track is great and beyond! To put it simply, this fucker kicks ass and teeth in!

This record opens with a banger of an instrumental in "Blind Superstition" and never fucking lets up from there on! The thundering and driving "Sodom and Gomorrha" is the type of classic sounding trash metal that I live for! The catchy chorus sounds like a Motorhead track taken to the nth degree. It is the first sign that all these years signer/ bass player Tom Angelripper still sounds as awesome as ever. His voice is aggressive and just extreme enough come close to but never fully enter death metal territory. "Nicht Mehr Mein Land" actually starts with a death metalesque intro that leads right a pounding and groove-laden soundscape. Angelripper sounds fucking killer, yet again(!), with some pained and angry sounding screaming. That the song is German makes it that much more hostile and vicious! The last song I am gonna mention is "Occult Perpetrator" (though to be honest, I could gush about all the songs on here for hours on end!), which has this wonderfully atmospheric intro. This leads to an angry mix of driving crunch and speed, which makes for killer music to bang your head to. 

Sodom's Genesis XIX is their finest work since Agent Orange, in fact it feels like this is the direct follow up to that masterpiece. The album is the absolute best thrash metal release of the year. A fast, heavy, and unrelenting banger that, when concerts come back and these song get played live, will have mosh pits ranging. My fellow thrash metal lovers heed my word, this is a must have!

5 out of 5