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Doro Pesch, the Voice of Warlock, Celebrates the 30th Anniversary of Triumph and Agony- BB Kings, NYC 9/10/17

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Warlock's classic fourth and final album, Triumph and Glory. The album spawned many classic hits, including the MTV Headbanger's Ball and fan favorite "All We Are") and is complemented by it's iconic cover (which you can see in the promo poster below). Doro in celebration of this ass kicking and headbanging album has been on a tour playing the album in it's entirety, along with some other classic Warlock tracks.

I had the pleasure of being present for the New York City leg of the tour held at the legendary B.B. Kings Blues Club & Grill. As always, Doro put on one hell of a show!
The venue was filled with fans who were anxious to hear the Metal Queen play these classic tracks. And, as soon as they came out the fans erupted in joy! Doro and her band played with a high energy level that many bands which they had. As always, they sounded great and know how to own that stage. Joining her band for this special tour is former Warlock guitarist Tommy Bolan (below)! He is a total badass and fucking amazing live!
Some of the songs off of Triumph and Agony had never been played live by Warlock or Doro, while others hadn't been played in years. Of course, the classics, have been a part of her setlist forever. After, they were done playing all of those song, they took fan requests for Warlock fan favorites.

Triumph and Agony album
Touch of Evil
I Rule the Ruins
East Meets West
Three Minute Warning
Kiss of Death
Für Immer
Cold, Cold World
Make Time for Love
Metal Tango
All We Are

 Encore:True as Steel
Burning the Witches
Fight for Rock
Earthshaker Rock
The Night of the Warlock
Wacken Hymne (We Are the Metalheads)
They played many of my personal favorite tracks. And, would probably have played if not for the curfew. Thankfully, they allowed them an extra song, which is how the anthemic We Are the Metalheads got in.
If this tour comes by your town be sure to see it, especially, if you are a fellow Warlock/ Doro. Otherwise, you may never get a chance to see some of these songs ever get played live again!


At the end of their set, the band graciously thanks their fans as they bid them goodnight.