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Spank the Yeti: A Party Game of Questionable Decisions (Game Review)

Spank the Yeti: A Party Game of Questionable Decisions is an adult card game put out by Galactic Sneeze. It's a fun sort of would rather involving such decisions as ''Literally throw under a bus'' Michael Phelps or ''Be conjoined twins with'' Criss Angel or ''Breastfeed in public'' a Yeti (because of course there needs to be a yeti in a game named for it!).
Not only is there Yeti mentioned, but in each round, a person is choose to be the Yeti. In the first, round it will be hairiest person, of course! You can download a Yeti for your game here, by the way: http://galacticsneeze.com/
The game consists of 123 Cards, ABC Cards, Action Cards, and Object Cards, which are used during game-play. There also some blank Action Cards, that the Yeti has to fill in, during the game, with whatever he chooses to.


The object of the game is too guess what your opponent(s) has decided what subject they would rather do what action with. The first player to score 15 points wins.
We found the instructions a little bit unclear at first, but we quickly got the hang of the game. And, once we did get it; we fucking loved it! It should be noted that the website has videos that explain game play better. Regardless, Spank the Yeti is immensely entertaining and addictive. As a matter of fact, on my way home I was thinking about playing it again! Shit, as I write this, I wish I was playing it.
It is slightly less offensive than Cards Against Humanity, while still maintaining a level of very welcome, by us, level of raunchiness. There is a fun obsession with pop culture. The geeky references are going to be especially loved by this site's readers and followers. I fucking nerded out when I saw such characters as Chewbaca, King Kong, and Godzilla named in this game! It is also great that it balances out the loved celebs and cultural icons with more hated celebs or types of assholes.
Spank the Yeti is a blast. It is a thoroughly fun game that will make you and your friends laugh their asses off. It is a great game to play to pass the time, and even better for a party. If you are looking for a wonderfully funny and kind of geeky adult game, then this gets my top recommendation!
Note: If you are looking to geek it up even more there is a Geek Expansion pack. I have not played this one, but it sounds awesome!
You can find where to get Sank the Yeti by going to this link here: http://galacticsneeze.com/shop-1/
And, for more on Galactic Sneeze be sure to check out my interview with them at this year's Toy Fair: http://themastergio.blogspot.com/2017/06/video-galactic-sneeze-talk-schmovie-and.html

Graphics: 3 out of 4
Play ability: 4 out of 4
Entertainment Value: 4 out of 4
OVERALL: 4 out of 4