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Hot Asian Girl of the Month: Levy Tran

Well, it's a new year and if we are gonna start it right, we need to go with a truly beautiful babe, and that is what we have in Levy Tran our January 2014 Hot Asian Girl of the Month. 

Levy is Vietnamese-American. This stunning model is utterly breathtaking!
She is well known for her tattoos. Now, to me the mix of being a hot Asian girl and having kick ass tats is enough to win my heart forever. And, Levy has done just that!
Levy has both her sleeves tatted, as well as ink on both of her ribs and legs and her chest. Yummy!!!
She used to have piercings but she took them out. Apparently she doesn't even wear earrings, anymore.
She also has been on MTV's Guy Code. Being I haven't ever watched more than like 3 minutes of that show, I have no clue what she said on it. But, hey. I'm sure looked fuckin good!
She is also into fitness, which what keeps her body looking as amazing as it clearly does! WOW!!

Dear God, I am in love!! 

Hey, look hot Asian chick in an Iron Maiden t-shirt alert! Delicious!
With a beautiful face, luscious, long black hair, sexy tattoos, a very nice ass, sexy legs, a beautiful smile, gorgeous eyes, a KILLER body, and (as an Iron Maiden fan) great taste in music, Levy is the perfect choice for the first hot Asian girl of the month of 2014!