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Hot Asian Girl of the Month- Elodie Yung

It's November now, and it's time to give thanks; it's also time for the weather to get really cold. In fact, here in NYC it's fuckin freezing! So I present to you November 2013's Hot Asian Girl of the Month: Elodie Yung, who is gonna warm up the temperature, and I am damn fucking grateful for hotness!

Yung was born in Paris on Feb. 22, 1981. Her dad is Cambodian, and her mother is French.

This beauty has practiced karate for more than 10 years. So, that means she's sexy and can kick your ass.

The first time I saw this beauty was in the shitty remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo where she played the lesbian love interest of Lisbeth Salander. But, even with her going all lezzie, I was still bored out of my mind of this godawful American version of the superior original film.

Shockingly much better at that was her appearance in this year's G.I. Joe: Retaliation. She played one of my favorite G.I. Joe characters Jinx. I thought she was a great choice for the role and added some really nice eye candy to a kick ass flick which is much better than the shit-eating first film.
superior sequel

Here she talks about the film at the premiere:

Yung is a stunning beauty with long black hair, a truly beautiful face, and a smoking body. She's a good action star and here's to hoping we get to see more of her including in more G.I. Joe sequels.