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My Addiction to Funko Pop Vinyl Figures!

I am addicted to many things in this world, be it horror, metal, coffee, Asian women, etc. But, in the recent year a new addiction has come to me. And, now it is time to admit to it... Well, here anyway, cause I already admitted to one of my closest friends, Facebook, and my Twitter account. Well, point is here comes the confession... I am addicted to Funko Pop vinyl figures!! OK that admission was already in the title of this post, but whatever! Let's get to beginning of this whole addiction.

I had seen Pop toys before and kind of wanted to start collecting them, but I had long given up, mostly, on collecting toys, cause of their prices. But, Funko caught my eye, especially their horror characters. I mean they were able to make guys like Freddy Krueger or evil comic-book characters like the Red Skull cute! At the 2011 Toy Fair my friend Kristin and I had seen the Funko booth and loved what we saw, but on the last day when they seemed to be trying to sell some of their toys... Well let's just say we ran into a small issue and leave it at that.

But, I still wanted them, especially the Jabba Hut I saw at the booth. Jump forward to New York Comic Con (NYCC) that same year. I heard that they would have exclusive blood spattered versions of Rick and Daryl from The Walking Dead. I bought Daryl (who is, of course, my favorite character on the show) on Thursday and on another day, I bought Leatherface (who is adorable!), and thus it began!

One of the cool and awesome things for collectors is that you can take them out of the box and put them back in with no problem. The boxes aren't sealed making access to them easy. The boxes also happen to look really nice.

Recently I also got Glenn, non-blood spattered, making him the second in my The Walking Dead collection. I want to get more from this series!
 Glenn looks at Daryl and see that he has been a busy man whooping zombie ass!

I love the movie series the most, and there are some great horror/ splatter characters that we genre fans can collect. As of right now, I own Freddy Krueger, Robocop (who I just bought this past Friday), Hannibal Lecter (which is one of the coolest, I think!), and the aforementioned Leatherface. Lecter was the only one left when I got him at Forbidden Planet earlier this month, and so was Robocop when I got him. He was on sale (all action figures were, hence I also bought the Glenn above) at Midtown Comics this past Friday. Freddy, I also picked up for a mere five bucks, on the discount bin, at Barnes and Nobles during one of my Jersey hangouts with Kristin, earlier this year. Freddy was, at that point in time, only the third Pop I had ever bought, and it was soon becoming obvious to me that I was getting addicted to these toys! 
 Robocop is surrounded by evil! But seriously, look at the amazing detail on these guys!

Actually, I first admitted to my addiction on later visit to Jersey. I got Finn from Adventure Time at Hot Topic. You see I already had an addiction on that cartoon, as evident by all the merchandise I own from it. So, as I hung with Kristin, I told her, "I'm addicted to Pop toys (I had already admitted my Adventure Time addiction to her, before this)." She told me there are worse things to be addicted to. True! Since then, this is the set (dedicated to one thing) I own the most amount of guys from.

Two sets of Pop have bobble-heads, the Marvel figures and the Star Wars figures. I only own one Marvel figure, thus far, and he is the last guy I got: Ghost Rider! An San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) exclusive, it has "metallic" head. Very cool!! The Jabba, I finally got after wanting him since I saw him at that aforementioned time at Toy Fair. I actually have a good story that goes with him. Back on black Friday of last year, I went to the Queens Center Mall to do some friend gift shopping. I ended my night, at past 1 in the morning(!), at Journey's and got a Pop Hello Kitty for Kristin. The jackass behind the counter asked me, "Are you sure you don't want Star Wars toy?" Homophobic dick! It's black Friday! Clearly, I'm gift shopping! And, even if it was for me, what the fuck is to him? Anyway, I did buy a Star Wars character months later, that Jabba, at that same Journey's. Thankfully he wasn't working there, and I got him for five bucks! Winning!! 

Some other guys I own:

I am a life long fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, though as a kid I liked Michelangelo the most. As an adult, I like Raphael, the most as he is a bad ass! And, a great figure!

I am a huge fan of Game of Thrones; so I need to get more of the Pops from that series! Right now I only have Arya Stark, but she is so tiny and cute!! I love her figure!  

I LOVE and live for metal, hard rock, and punk. Well, it's great that there are some Pop of these, too! I might get the Ozzy one there is, but I definitely need more of the Kiss ones!! Especially after Kristin got me Peter Criss, er "The Catman" (more on that in a bit) for my birthday, back in May. There is a Misfits fiend, that I am looking for and NEED to own! Or I will flip!! Actually, I may flip-out when I get him, regardless!! 
Yes, her is called "The Catman", NOT Peter Criss. As Kiss fans know, he is no longer in Kiss, but someone else is under the make-up. So, yeah thank or blame or whatever Gene Simmons. Still awesome, no matter what the name says, and even a little funny if you think about it! 

Finally, my favorite guy that I own is Hordak!! Leader of the the Evil Horde from Masters of the Universe, he is the more evil mentor of Skeletor. He was banned to another dimension along with his Horde, after his tyranny on Eternia (the planet on which He-Man's adventures take place). He would eventually be freed and became another major threat for for the most powerful man in the universe. Hordak fucking rules and so does his Pop! The detail is amazing and this toy is worth owning all on its own. But, I want the others in the series, as well! I was gonna get his student, the evil master of destruction, Skeletor on Fri, but Midtown had sold-out of him. I will get him soon, though!
By the way, over on my Instagram I love shooting and posting pics of my Pop collection (among other things, including the usual babe pics you expect from me), like the one on the right of Peter Criss playing a show for Raphael, Jake, Daryl and Arya. So, be sure you are following me there!

Hordak and I bid you farewll! I hope you guys enjoyed my pics of my Pop collection and words of my love for them.