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Huntress and Battlecross at St. Vitus 7/22/13

I had never been to St. Vitus until this Mon, but when I heard that Huntress, a band I am really into were playing there, my friend Alan and I bought our tickets in advance. When Monday came we were ready for the show!! And, what a show it was.

Battlecross played before them and fucking rocked the house! I had a heard a lot about this band, especially about how good they have been on Mayhemfest (a tour that Huntress is on, too). But, man is this thrash metal band a fuckin fun time or what?! They have a great, funny, and charismatic lead signer in the form of Kyle Gunther. Dude was making us all laugh and getting the crowd pumped. All the musicians in the band are very talented. If you like harsh vocaled thrash like Kreator, you will love these guys! Be sure to get their new album, War of Will, as it's a kick ass album!!


Then Huntress came on and tore shit up!! The heavy metal band, best described by someone once as Slayer meets King Diamond meets Halestorm, are a classic sounding metal band the with a death metal influence that gives them that extra kick in the ass. Fronted by the beautiful Jill Janus, the band is one of the coolest bands with a classic sound to come out in a long time. I love their connection to pagan beliefs that is very well captured in their lyrics and Janus' stage performance and presence. They played great tracks off both of their full length releases, including I'll Fuck You to Death a killer song written by Lemmy Kilmister for them for their new album Starbound Beast, which is their best yet, and the kick ass closer Eight of Swords, which is one of their absolute best tracks!
 If you get chance to see Huntress live do it!! They are a great live band!!

After the show, Alan and I got to meet the band. They signed stuff for us (for Alan got the new album on vinyl signed, which he has just bought. As for me I got Jill to sign last year's Hottest Chicks in Rock issue of Revolver). And, we also got pics with Jill!! She is very sweet and fan friendly in person. Here is mine with her!