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Horror Crush: Penelope Ann Miller

It's time for another induction into Horror Crushes! This time we are adding a beauty who has been one of my favorite lovely ladies since at least my early teen years, the absolutely gorgeous and immensely talented Penelope Ann Miller!

Penelope Ann Miller was born Penelope Andrea Miller on January 13, 1964 in Los Angeles, California. She is the eldest of three daughters. Miller is probably best known by mainstream fans for movies like Kindergarten Cop (probably the movie where I first really crushed on her) and Brian De Palma's Carlito's Way. But, as always, we will be focusing on her genre work.

She actually began her acting career in the genre, as her first acting role was in a 1985 episode of Tales from the Darkside, named "Ring Around the Redhead". She plays the titular redhead. Now, I am sure I saw this episode, as I am sure I've watched every episode of this classic show. And, I am pretty sure that I crushed on her in this episode. After all, she was a redhead in it, and I always loved redheads! Plus, I crushed on a girls all the time, on this show, as a kid. That being said, I don't remember this one at all. Any thoughts on this episode? Let me know in the comments section below!

Her first horror film came in 1997 with the excellent The Relic. This kick ass monster movie has amazing practical FX by Stan Winston. The CGI is a little more uneven, but the movie remains a frightening and suspenseful creature feature. Based on the best selling book by the same name by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, it is directed expertly by Peter (Outland, End of Days, Universal Solider: Regeneration) Hyams. 

In it, an ancient monster begins to slaughter people in a museum. Miller plays an evolutionary biologist, Margo Green, who tries to figure out what is doing the killing. Also investigating the murders is a toigh but superstitious cop, Lieutenant Vincent D'Agosta,  played wonderfully by Tom Sizemore. Miller is awesome as the smart and resourceful Margo. Also, she looks drop-dead gorgeous, especially when she gets all made-up for the gala opening of the museum's new superstition display.  

I have loved The Relic since I first saw it in the theatres. And, while I had not seen it since the days of when I owned it on laserdisc, I can say that it still fucking rocks! The Relic is truly one of the best horror movies of the 90s and honestly needs to get talked about a lot more be genre devotes and experts.

A decade later, in 2007, came her return to horror with The Messengers. Despite, being a long time fan of hers, I had forgotten that she was in this. Mostly, cause it was such an awful and generic PG-13 ghost flick from the Pang (The Eye) Brothers. It didn't really offer anything worthwhile to stick in my mind. I mean, fuck the only thing that I recall is, (well other than the fact that it fucking sucks) Kristen Stewart played her daughter. Definitely a waste of Miller's talent. But, hey she looks gorgeous in it, of course!

The closest she came to returning to horror was Riverdale in 2018, but I don't recall that episode, to be honest. Regardless, Miller is a great actress, who I am always am happy to see in a project. Her appearance in the awesome The Relic is alone worthy of praise and love within the genre. And, with that I am honored to add this still absolutely ravishing actress to this site's Horror Crushes!