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Brides of Satan (Review)

Director: Joe Bizarro
Writers: Joe Bizarro, Noel Maitland 
Cast: Mindy Robinson, Anastasia Elfman, Ari Agbabian, Joanna Angel, James Balsamo
Year: 2020
Min: 80

A couple are spending their anniversary at a strip club, when a trio of satanic, exotic dancers come in. They kidnap them both, eventually killing the hubby. The wife Mary (Mindy Robinson) is the only one that survives. She gets some help from a sweet, old man, named Lenny, who has also run afoul of the same evil crew. He is accompanied by his cute doggy, Rufus. Lenny trains her, as she gets ready to have her revenge on the Satan worshipping baddies.

Brides of Satan s an exploitation/ action/ revenge/ horror movie. It marks the directorial debut of co-writer/ director Joe Bizzaro. He gives us a good looking movie, and not just cause of the lovely cast. It has a stylish visual aspect and feel that is clearly influenced by 70's exploitation movies, music videos, Robert Rodriguez, and, even David Lynch. 

The film, itself, is broken up into chapters. Thanks to this and its revenge plot, it feels very much akin to Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill. There is even a Rocky, influence, what with its training montage and cheesy, accompanying rock music. Speaking of music, the soundtrack is pretty, fucking good. X-Ray Death, who actually appear in the movie, itself, are particularly cool.

This flick is filled with beautiful babes. Do you miss seeing copious amounts of T&A onscreen? Well, so do I, and clearly so does Bizzaro, cause he gives us lots of that. In fact, props to him for starting off the movie with hot, tattooed women, including adult superstar Joanna Angel, pole dancing. That is certainly one way to grab my attention from the get-go. 

There is some good gore here, including throat slashing, bloody squibs, and eyes gouging. Also worthy of mentioning is some good monster FX done by Josh Wasylink. Another plus is that Bizzaro handles the action scenes pretty well. Or at least as good as the very low budget would permit him to. For example, one scene where our heroine is fighting a group of baddies, starts off strong. But, it ultimately goes on too long and feels a little clunky. The movie, overall, also suffers from a bit a of a pacing problems, with the slower parts being, at times, less interesting. This all serves as the best way to sum up this flick, IE fun, if wholly uneven.

The acting is kind of hit or miss, too. A couple of the stars like the guy playing Lenny is great, as is his adorable, little doggy. In fact, they are my two favorite characters in the entire flick. The beautiful Mindy Robinson, as our heroine Mary, is also quite likable in her role. Still, some of the other acting ranges in quality and isn't quite as strong.

But, to its advantage, the movie doesn't take itself too seriously. So, that the weaker acting doesn't hurt it that much, adding a bit of campiness to it all.  There is a lot of humor contained in the movie. And, a couple of the jokes really work and managed to bring a smile to my face. 

Done with a love of exploitation horror and revenge movies, Brides of Satan, is quite fun. It can be a bumpy ride, though, especially in terms of its pacing. But, for the most part, I found enjoyment in watching it. Hot girls, nudity, and violence help to keep things rocking, as does the soundtrack. Some of the cast is good, and I liked seeing leading lady Robinson kick ass. It all results in a likeable and admirable low-budget affair that doesn't always hit its mark but is entertaining regardless.