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Special Edition NYC 2015 (Sun)

On the weekend of June 6 & 7, the second annual Special Edition NYC was held. The idea of this convention is to something dedicated to comic-books, for people who think that New York Comic Con (NYCC) has too little of it. Held by the same company, Reid Pop, this was my first time going to it. I was only able to attend on Sunday, the 7th, as I celebrated my birthday the night before at Duff's Brooklyn.

As the focus is on comics, all of the guests are involved in the medium. As such, we had writers and artists signing autographs and meeting their fans. There were also a good amount of coplayers, though I hear that there were more on Sat.

This is much smaller, intimate, and relaxed event than NYCC ever is. I had a good time, there was breathing room, and no stress whatsoever! I met lots of cool people, as the preceding and following pics and words will show you:

One of the first artists I met that day was the lovely Erin LoCascio, whom I already knew from her Instagram for a while. But, this was my first time meeting her in person. She was very sweet and friendly. I bought two prints off of her (which she shows off in the pic on the right). She is a really good artist and loves to cosplay as one of my personal favorite characters/ comic-book titles out there right now, Spider-Gwen. She really looks like Gwen Stacy come to life, so she's perfect for doing that! Next to her was Chris Antzoulis, who was rocking a kick ass and cute as hell t-shirt of Spider-Gwen by an artist just for him. Too fucking cool!!

One of the two female Matt Murdocks I saw that day.

This was pretty amazing. Artist Ray Sumser has this print (left) that is supposed to have every single cartoon character ever! He keeps adding to it, when people tell him someone is missing! Pretty fucking incredible! The art below is his, as well.

Female Flash and female Matt Murdock (or Daredevil before he get his red costume) #2
Legendary writer Chris Claremont

Here is one of my personal favorite cosplayers that I met for the first time at the show. Lilly Wilton is really beautiful and did a great Harley Quinn! She was also really friendly and compared her studded bracelets with my friend of Piercingmetal.com Ken Pierce, who hung with me at the show, and I! 

The highlight for me had to be meeting Darryl McDaniels of Run DMC. He was promoting his comic-book, DMC. It was only recently while watching That Metal Show, that I found out that he is a fellow metal and rock fan! He told us of a project that he is working on with Rob Dukes, former Exodus and current Generation Kill signer! It sounds like it will be fucking cool as hell!  

The following trio of DC cosplaying beauties were my favorite cosplay team on hand!

Grace Allison drew the art for the media passes, and as such I got her to sign it for me. This was the first time, I have ever gotten my pass signed. But, considering how cool it looked, I just had to!

Selfie with a good shot of said pass.

I am a huge fan of Dark Horse Comics' Archie Vs. Predator, so I was very happy to meet it's artist, Fernando Ruiz (left), and writer, Alex de Campi (below). The cool art mixes perfectly with the fun and hilarious, gore drenched writing. Di Campi wrote me one of the coolest and funniest autographs ever on one of the alternate covers to the first issue!

One of the sexiest cosplayers of the entire show, the beautiful Oksana doing Poison.

And, that concludes this fun little con. I plan to be back next year. Of course, you know I will be at NYCC, especially as my pro pass has been approved, months back.