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Horror Crush: Fairuza Balk

One of my biggest crushes in all of horror has to be the gorgeous Fairuza Balk, as a lover of goth chicks, it is impossible to not be caught in her trance.

The stunning Ms. Balk was born Fairuza Alejandra Feldthouse May 21, 1974 in Point Reyes, California. Her first name is Persian for "Turquoise, Victory, or Precious One", her Persian decent comes from her father who also has Romani and Cherokee heritage.

While. the stunning beauty has been acting as a child, she first caught the eyes and hearts of horror fans in the entertaining The Craft. The movie told the tale of four teen witches, who use have great powers, but eventually things go wrong. Mostly cause of Balk's character, Nancy, who is kind of crazy, to say the least! Nancy was the defacto leader of the group, but as she turns more and more uncontrollable and even kills, the heroine played by the pretty Robin Tunney must stop her.

I have to say that as soon as I saw her on the screen I was in love!!! I mean she looked so sexy as this goth bad girl!! Honest to God, Nancy would never need any magic to have me fall in love with her. Ultimately, her character remains one of the characters I would most like to have sex with in a horror film. Too bad, there were no girls like her in my high school!!

Balk is a real life Wican; she even used to run an occult store in Hollywood. This makes her role in this flick even more interesting.

Sadly, she only did one more horror film the much maligned The Island of Dr. Moreau. Honest to God, I tried watching this crap, but I never can make it very far. And, what have seen I forget quickly, mercifully, I suppose. I do recall she looks gorgeous in it, though.

The only other horror related thing she did was appearing in an episode of Bio's Celebrity Ghost Stories where she tells the admit ably creepy tale of some malevolent force haunting her in a hotel.

Sadly, unlike earlier horror crushes, she was not nude in any of these films. Which, of course, sucks. I also think it sucks that she does not appear in more movies. She's a good actress and is, of course, gorgeous as hell. Regardless, I will always be under her spell.


Steel Rod said...

It's about time someone payed homage to Fairuza Balk! I actually thought she looked hot in the Waterboy. Maybe it was trailer park trash mystique that turned her on to me in that movie.

Giovanni Deldio said...

Thank you! She's very underrated, but I always find that fans that she does have tend to be very rabid and loyal to her.