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Rare Flix In-Store Signing for Frank Henenlotter's "Bad Biology"

Hey, fellow horror and exploitation fans, you guys should go check out Media Blasters in-store signing of the DVD of Frank Hennonlotter's newest movie, Bad Biology. Hennonlotter is, of course, the writer/ director of the classic Basket Case Trilogy, Brain Damage (a personal fav of mine!), and Frankenhooker. His new flick is surely awesome. He will be at the signing along with actresses of the film: Beverly Bonner, Tina Krause, Vicky Wiese, and Rachel Robbins. This is taking place at the Rare Flix store in Secuacus, NJ this Saturday at 1-3PM.

For more info go to the Facebook Event page: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/event.php?eid=292344517917

Here is the TV spot for the event:

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