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Random Hotness X: Hotness, Sweet Hotness

On this Super Bowl Sunday I give you hotties that more smoldering that your bowl of hot wings.

Dana Delany & Julie Benz- Julie Benz is a fav of mine so imagine my joy when she was on Chelsea Lately. Two of my fav blondes on one show? Epic win! Anyways, she was looking good, and soon I learned that she is playing a stripper who goes all lesbo with Dana Delany! I've liked Delany since my high school days, and she is a total MILF now . Sadly, this is happening on Desperate Housewives a show I have zero fucking desire to ever watch. That said, Julie says that Dana is a good kisser. Yum!

Lucy Lawless & Viva Bianca- Unlike that shit TV series, Spartacus: Blood and Sand fucking owns! I talked about how awesome it is on the last installment of this series, but damn man, this show is quickly becoming one of my personal favs! Anyways, Lucy Lawless did show her tits in the second episode and man, they were nice! And, I know you readers out there want some Viva Bianca nudity. And, you should, as I think she is the hottest chick on the show. So, for those of you I give you this: Once again, this blog gives you, dear friends and readers, what you want!

Alison Haislip- Yet, another fav of mine (lots of those in this post, huh?) has to be G4's beautiful Alison Haislip. Last month she co-hosted Attack of the Show (geek goddess Olivia Munn was back the next day), and she showed off her sexy legs in a very funny segment:

Kylee Kross- She's my second favorite BurningAngel girl (my fav is, duh, Joanna Angel). She did some smoking HOT work for BA, including pics and movies, like both Joanna's Angels (the first one has to be one of my all time favorite pornos) and the very awesome horror/ porno The Exxxorcist (to read my review of it click here). A beautiful face, GREAT God-given boobs, HOT as hell tats, absolutely gorgeous eyes, and a body to die for, this Latin (she's Cuban) punk goddess is fucking perfect! But, then she married the guy from Bayside, and she was gone from the porn biz. And, I cried. But, she's back!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!! Rejoice!!!!!!! This has to be one of the best new of the year!!!!!!!! She fucking rulz! Go to her myspace for more on this goddess! And, be sure to follow her on her Twitter. The other day the pics she posted were so hot I thought my cell phone would fucking melt! By the way, I would like to mention that the Lovely Brenda (my fav photog and all around kick ass chick) took these pics and many more of the stuff, Kylee has done.

Mackenzie Firgens- On Friday night I saw The Hamiltons on IFC. It was part of the original "8 Films to Die For: Horrorfest". Anyways, it's a good little horror flick about a family of serial killers, with a great twist. Aside from liking the acting and the script a lot, I totally fell in love with the beautiful Mackenzie Firgens. She plays the hot goth chick in the family who just happens to be into making out with girls (hot!), incest (NOT hot!), and murder. In other words, she plays the girl that you do not bring home to mom! If you wanna know more this babe go to her website and her twitter.

Misa Campo & Stephanie Ly- How can we have one of these and not talk about beautiful Asian women? I was on the Freeones message boards and there was a thread about beautiful Canadian/ Filipino babe Misa Campo ! And, so a little more research and found this vid, that also has the beautiful Stephanie Ly ! Score!

Both of these babes do import shows and modeling. God, I so need to go to one of those import car shows!

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