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Entombed A.D.- Bowels of Earth (Album Review)

Musician: Entombed A.D.
Album Title: Bowels of Earth
Genre/ Subgenre: Death Metal/ Death n' Roll
Label: Century Media Records
Release Date: August 30, 2019

Singer LG Petrov may not have the rights to the name of his former band, death metal legends Entombed, but that doesn't matter much, now. Because, he and his current band, Entombed A.D. (along with other former Entombed members in the form of: Victor Brandt [bass], Nico Elgstrand [guitar] and Olle Dahlstedt [drums]), are still putting out ass kicking music. Their latest and third offering, Bowels of Earth, mixes elements from Entombed's earlier, masterpieces and the death n' roll sound of Wolverine Blues and beyond. The result is a really fun and still very heavy album.

The album has some real good grooves and hammering and talented musicianship that makes for a headbanging good time. This fucker is sure to set the mosh-pit on fucking fire. It starts with a real scorcher in the form of "Torment Remains", which is a pummeling and battering track that charges right through you, impaling you with its ferocity. "Elimination" is an explosive tune that erupts with speed and also has an awesome groove that will have you banging your head right along with it. It is also true shining example of the amazing amount of talent everyone has, as its melodic mid-section is one of my favorite parts in the album (which is saying a lot). "Bourbon Nightmare" is a thundering song that is all guns blazing and my favorite one on the album. It's a fucking perfect example of death n' roll that will go perfectly with some hard drinking and moshing. The album closes off with the killer "To Eternal Night" which is rich is atmosphere, heaviness, and fucking kick ass guitar riffs. Petrov has long been one of my favorite vocalists in death metal, and he really shines here, adding menace and an evil vibe.
Bowels of Earth is a fucking blast to hear. While, I liked it the first time I heard, it wasn't until the second listen that it really began to sink in. Each subsequent spin made it even better. It manages to be fun, while still being heavy, dark, and menacing. With the right balance of technically savvy crunch and catchy grooves, this fucker is made for moshing, headbanging, and kicking your goddamn ass. If you have been a loyal Entombed fan or just like kick ass death metal, in general, then this one is for you!

4 out of 5