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Alexis Amore: The Peruvian Princess

For those who do not know: I am half-Peruvian (my other half is Italian, Sicilian to be precise). And, since this Tuesday, July 28th is Peruvian Independence Day, I felt what better time than now to pay tribute to the beautiful Peruvian Princess, who now calls herself the Peruvian Queen (fuck yeah she is!), Alexis Amore, than now?

The lovely Ms. Amore was born in Lima, Peru on December 29, 1978. Alexis is one of the most popular Latinas in the biz. She really deserves her fame. Cause, aside from being smoking hot, she is fucking awesome! In fact, anyone would be happy if Santa bought him this for Christmas, this year:

Alexis has done a whole lot of scenes and movies and has been working hard for a couple of years. She is in a lot of Latin vids, obviously, as well as interracial, and just overall hot porn. The very first time I heard of her was when I saw her in a videotape I bought years ago called Solo Latinas 8. It's a Latin solo-masturbation series, now out of print, put out by Amor Films, a Latin adult company. It's all in Spanish, and she just looked and sounded so sexy!

Not only is she beloved here, but in Peru, as well. I heard that in Peru, she is one of the most searched personalities on the web, as much, if not, more than the President of Peru. Now, that fucking rocks!

Alexis often refers to fellow Latin goddess, and another personal favorite of mine, Olivia O'Lovely , as her "wifey". That idea alone is, in of itself, smoking hot!

It should be noted that Olivia O'lovley will be at Exxxotica NY this September. I cannot wait to meet her as, I been dying to so for the longest of time. I met Alexis last year , and she was so sweet and awesome . For more on me meeting her and other stuff from last year's Exxxotica go here: http://themastergio.blogspot.com/2008/09/exxxotica-ny-sept-13-2008.html

Here is an interview with her at said show:

If any of you are there and read this blog, come up to me and tell me. I always like to hear your thoughts. Anyways, back to Alexis. I have no clue if she will be at this one, but if you ever see her at any con, go up to her. You'll be glad you did!

This is an awesome tribute to her:

Alexis has her own site, of course on: http://www.clubalexisamore.com/ She runs a great myspace, where she posts lots of sexy and great pictures of herself, really cool blogs that keep her fans up to date on all her going-ons (http://www.myspace.com/alexisamore), and she always has cool tweats over on Twitter: http://twitter.com/alexisamore Alexis puts out a calender, too. Here is vid from her 2009 calender:

Alexis has some great curves. I love her boobs. This vid should show you why I do:

An amazing body , a great ass, a beautiful face, a sweet down-to-Earth personality, and sexy accent makes this mamcita one of the hottest Latina women on God's green Earth. I think her Playboy bunny tattoo is so cute and sexy!

So to all my fellow Peruvians, have a great day on the 28th.

Happy Peruvian Independence Day. Arriba el Peru!

Arriba the Peruvian Princess, no make that Queen (!), Alexis Amore!

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