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Siri Dahl Advises Singletons on Making the Best of Valentine’s Day

(Los Angeles, CA / February 9, 2020) -- As Valentine’s Day 2021 comes into focus during a pandemic, adult star Siri Dahl says that many of the 50% estimated single adults in America probably won’t notice anyway.

“I’m guessing that much of the hoopla for Valentine’s Day this year will be toned down while under lockdown, but were we that excited to begin with?” asks Dahl of the loved-up holiday. “I feel pretty neutral about it anyway; I'm all for romance, but the idea that this one day of the year should be specifically more romantic than any other day is very arbitrary and silly to me.
“I've enjoyed some fun V-Day dates in the past, but it wasn't the calendar date of February 14th that made it special - it was the time I spent with my date. And that could have happened on any other day, and I'd have enjoyed it just as much.”
What should would-be romantics do if they’re feeling especially lonely and isolated this year? “Don't stress it… I've probably spent more nights at home on Valentine's Day than I have actually celebrating anything. This holiday isn't even the most important one. Halloween is SO much better!” she says.
“If you're at home alone this February 14th, I would suggest either pretending it's not a holiday at all - because we're in a pandemic and who honestly cares - or you could treat yourself to a cozy evening in with your favorite TV show or movie, some sweet treats, and as much masturbation as you can handle in one evening. That's what I'll be doing!”
Dahl adds that she’s “spent many Valentine's Days alone; I didn't start dating until I was in my 20s, so my default setting was spending it alone. I'm actually kind of glad that's how things turned out, because it's made V-Day a really low pressure holiday for me.
“If I am dating someone when February 14th rolls around, sure, I'll go on a date with them. I've tried a lot of V-Day traditions in the past, like a prix fixe menu at a nice restaurant with my boyfriend, or a Galentine's night out with my girlfriends. But if not, I'm quite fine just camping out at home by myself with my favorite IPA and my PS4.”
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Siri Dahl, the artist formerly known as Siri, is a fiery redhead with a passion for adventure, powerlifting, activism and sex-positive work, much to the delight of her rabid fan base that follows every magnificent move she makes.
Siri started her adult film career in 2012, starring in over 200 scenes for studios such as Elegant Angel, Girlfriends Films, Brazzers, New Sensations, Evil Angel and Digital Sin, then retired to a “relatively safe and boring civilian life” in 2015 to clear her head and re-connect with the real world around her.
In 2018 Siri launched sex-positive podcast After Adult - now in its fourth season - with her friend and ‘civilian’ co-host Rachel - a lively, conversational gabfest that welcomes a stimulating selection of entertaining and informative guests and topics - about life in and around the porn industry.
In January 2020, Siri re-entered the adult film business and shot scenes again for her favorite studios, and has embraced creating exclusive content during the coronavirus lockdown. Re-discover Siri Dahl at her official sites SiriDahl.comFuckDahl.com (via OnlyFans) and FanCentro.com/Siri.