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The Master Does Las Vegas (Again) June 2011, Pt. 2

We began our Sunday by having the AMAZING buffet at the Bellagio. There was a small wait but it was worth it!! Delicious and great deal!!!

Next, we decided to leave the strip for a little while and go check out Fremont. This was actually our first time that we've ever been outside of the strip. Freemont is located in downtown Las Vegas. It's a beautiful site and preserves some of the older aspects of Sin City. For example, you'll find the world famous cowboy sign there.

There are lots of stands selling stuff. I tried on a hat and think, that maybe I should seriously start rocking this look! What do you think?

Of course, this being Vegas, your gonna need a bit of sin. And, well, we found some in the form of this strip club. I didn't go in, in part cause I already had plans to hit one that night. But, nonetheless, it certainly caught my curiosity.
There some awesome things happening over my head, as well. For example, there was a large replica of the moon with Elliot and ET. But, my favorite were the hanging arcade games! I, as a child, owned small, working replicas of the Pac-Man on display. Finally, there was the famous zip lines. Though at one point, they got stuck confirming my belief that I need not do that!
The buses in Fremont look like something out of some futuristic sci-fi movie. Pretty cool!

It was soon time to head aback to our hotel. We hit the bar that's by the check in place, again. I really like it, there as it is a good place to relax and re-energize. Plus, it's also a nice place to scope out pretty girls, including one of the gorgeous girls, who worked there. Then we got some very delicious burgers at BLT Burger. They really hit the spot and prices are good.

Finally, it was time for some of us to hit Little Darlings. I couldn't take any pics, but I can tell you that I had THE best time, ever! This has to be THE single greatest strip club, I ever been to. And, it proves, without a shadow of a doubt, that Vegas strip joints kill the NYC clubs. Sorry, but it's a fucking fact. The women were gorgeous and had a great variety. I got a lapdance from a stunning half Thai, half Caucasian beauty. It was THE greatest lapdance, EVER! I blew a damn good amount of cash, but it was worth it. She, and the club, pretty much made this vacation, fuck that, this year, so far, for me. I told her that and she high-fived me. I been through some not so great shit, as of late, and I needed this. This, dear friends and readers, is my favorite memory from Vegas. And, considering all the great and wonderful memories, I have there, that is saying A LOT!!! I fucking LOVE LAS VEGAS!!!

But, it ain't over yet, kiddies...